Fitting facelift headlights to pre-facelift cars

Lots of people ask me about this headlight conversion, I didn’t fit the parts myself but here is a list of all the parts, part numbers and quantities used by the Honda dealership who carried it out:

Part Description Part Number Quantity Required
unit head light R 33101S5TE61 1
bulb headlight 33115S84A01 2
socket 33116SD4961 2
cover rubber 33126S6AJ61 4
unit headlight L 33151S5TE61 1
bulb 33303S2R003 2
socket comp (T20) 33303SAA003 2
socket comp (T10) 33305S5A003 2
bulb (12v w5w) 34901S6DG01 2
bulb head light 34901SN7G00 2
ring terminal CONNECT-001 2

Once you have all these parts you will need to remove the front bumper in order to fit the new headlights. Unfortunately I cant advise any more on this as I paid the local Honda dealership to fit them for me to preserve the warranty. However there is a good guide on the Type R Owners forum.

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